It is no longer possible to contain COVID-19 in Australia

It is no longer possible to contain COVID-19 in Australia, by Yoni Bashin.

Health officials warn that further domestic outbreaks of the deadly coronavirus are inevitable, following the first known cases of community transmission recorded in Australia, including the infection of a frontline doctor.

Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy conceded it was no longer possible to contain the ­disease — officially known as COVID-19 — and the best that could be done was to slow the ­onslaught.

So closing the borders now would be like closing the gate after the horse has bolted? Perhaps it’s already to late. So many foreseeable deaths and expensive disruption coming. Who is responsible for the decision not to close the borders?

Instead we get this:

Buckle up peasants, especially you oldies. Our incompetent leadership has put you in harm’s way. So easily avoided.