The Chinese as world leaders? That notion just died

The Chinese as world leaders? That notion just died, by Jennifer Oriel.

The Chinese Communist Party has done more damage to China’s prospects of becoming a global superpower than its most ardent detractors. …

The CCP’s web of misinformation, censorship and corrupt ethos of putting the party before people have resulted in billions wiped from nations’ GDP as governments struggle to contain COVID-19.

The idea that China is fit to compete with America for global leadership is dead. The CCP is a political primitive and the coronavirus story shows how despots can make dwarfs of economic giants. …

The incredible shrinking Mr Xi

The CCP presides over a regime of censorship designed to maintain power at any cost. It rounds up dissidents, disappears freedom fighters and denies human rights. … The founding father of the CCP, Mao Zedong, [in 1957 said]: “What should our policy be towards non-Marxist ideas? As far as … saboteurs of the socialist cause are concerned, the matter is easy, we simply deprive them of their freedom of speech.”

The iron fist of communist censorship has done untold damage to the Chinese people for decades. Now, it is threatening global health. The politics of the CCP is so primitive it is a danger to humankind. The communist state must be held accountable for its role in facilitating the COVID-19 outbreak and the mounting death toll.

What happens when the world comes to the conclusion that the virus almost certainly came from the Wuhan biowarfare lab (albeit probably accidentally via corruption or carelessness)?

hat-tip Stephen Neil