Don’t Be A Bigot! Let The Coronavirus In! Say the Left.

Don’t Be A Bigot! Let The Coronavirus In! Say the Left. By Paul Bradford.

Dozens of articles have appeared to denounce Westerners wanting to ban Chinese travel to their countries. To liberals (and Chinese officials), it’s unthinkable to keep out people who may carry the virus. In their opinion, the real tragedy would not be thousands of Westerners dying but rather giving up on globalism and mass immigration in response to a deadly global pandemic. …

Western journalists say the bans are a very bad idea.

The Guardian shrieks this response leads to “xenophobia and racism,” so we must avoid it.

The New Republic declares “racist, right-wing isolationism favored by the Trump administration is as bad an answer to the coronavirus as it is to the climate crisis.”

The Economist bemoaned how the coronavirus “spreads racism” and more should be done to combat these prejudices.

Leftists and Chinese activists in Australia and New Zealand have demanded those countries lift the ban. They say the ban is a “racial panic” and discriminates against the Chinese community …

NBC News published an article about the way college students and professors are angry at their universities’ responses to coronavirus. No, it’s not because the schools are failing to contain the disease. The schools are apparently failing to contain racism. …

There are no really good arguments against a travel ban. There is no reason to bet on travelers from affected areas to be totally free of the virus. The only counterargument is that we must support open borders at all costs. The Left is more committed to this principle than to protecting their fellow countrymen.

Cannot interrupt those left-voters from entering our countries — people might get ideas! The left needs a demographic victory to get into power and revel in the spoils of government, handing out the loot to its supporters.