Life Imitates Art: Obama Was The Manchurian Candidate

Life Imitates Art: Obama Was The Manchurian Candidate, by David Archibald.

Governments run influence operations to degrade the economies and social cohesion of other countries.

For example, in recent years both the Russians and the Saudis have directed agitprop against the US fracking industry. They have successfully demonised something that is environmentally harmless, to the point that a couple of the candidates for Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have promised to ban it if they are elected as President. But neither Mr Sanders or Ms Warren would be able to explain exactly what is wrong with fracking, because there isn’t anything wrong with it. …

Saul Alinsky, godfather of the modern left

Saul Alinsky, famous for his 1971 book Rules for Radicals, made up the role of “community organiser” so that paid political operators could have a cover. One of the first of these was Rainer Baake, a West German communist straight out of high school in Germany who spent the years 1974 to 1978 in Chicago. Herr Baake no doubt provided a link to the KGB through East Germany’s Ministry for State Security.

Herr Baake, once a community organizer in Chicago, now a German politician

Influence operations can return spectacular returns on investment. At some stage, the communists in Chicago and their Soviet funders must have lighted on young Barack Obama as their Trojan horse in the US political system. The decision to groom Obama may have been made in 1971, because that is when he was switched to a private school in Hawaii in fifth grade. That was the beginning of 16 years of private education in expensive schools and universities. There has been no interest in who paid for all that expensive schooling. It is hard to believe that a mediocre student with no work ethic kept winning scholarships to these places on his merits.

But we know that the press has no interest in reporting things that don’t support the narrative.

All the years of private schooling and the three years of community organizing shielded Obama from the harsh realities of life as his handlers waited for him to grow up. He married a self-described “angry black woman” who promptly had a $300,000 per year position created for her at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  Her role had nothing to do with sick people: she was Vice President for Community and External Affairs.

Obama’s years of preaching a Sunday sermon at Jeremiah Wright’s church gave him plenty of experience in public speaking and hone his mellifluous tone. The Obamas bought their arugula from Whole Foods, not Walmart.

Obama has had too many instances of money being thrown at him for it just to be a whole lot of lucky breaks. Obama may have hated America as its President, hated the idea of America, and despised most Americans, but at least he wasn’t an ungrateful wretch. He was grateful to the Cubans. The Cubans of the DI had enabled his effortless progression. As with Angela Merkel in Germany, your path is made easier as a politician if you have a whole intelligence service supporting you.

Barack Obama, once a community organizer in Chicago, now a US politician

To show his gratitude, Obama decided to normalize relations with Cuba. The main obstacle to this was Democrat Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, with his large support base in the Cuban community. A strong campaign of “dirty tricks” was begun by the White House to force Menendez to resign the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a campaign which continued through the end of 2014. … The White House engaged with Cuban Intelligence to create false “evidence” against a sitting, senior US elected official.

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