The Greatest Depression Just Began. This is no Drill

The Greatest Depression Just Began. This is no Drill. By Bob Moriarty.

I quote from the January 27th piece, “This has the potential for being the biggest mass casualty event in world history. At the very least it will take down the financial system as the world economy grinds to a halt with efforts to contain the virus.”

Face it, 97% of people want to believe all the crap handed out by their governments. …

If anyone was following the NEWS (?) from China, the virus is an utter disaster and that’s true in a developed nation. Once it spreads to Africa, as it surely will, it is going to be the biggest catastrophe the continent has ever faced, with potentially the deaths of tens or hundreds of millions.

The numbers from China seem to indicate a death rate of above 2% for those under hospital treatment but far higher for the vastly greater number of people who caught it and eventually fell over dead. The Chinese government tossed them in bags and burned them. …

There was another important statement in my piece last month that may have flown over the heads of 97% of readers. “Governments lie about everything and as a result we are about to pay a terrible price. All of them lie.

Any rational thinking person would have come to the conclusion that the Chinese government is lying through their teeth about how serious the virus is. That’s not a big deal because every other government is doing the same thing. …

Airlines are starting to cancel flights because bookings are coming to a slow halt but also they are hiding the fact that flight crews are refusing to fly. The Cruise industry just got destroyed … But when this begins to hit military units or boarding schools or prisons, the shit literally will have hit the fan.

Let’s be real honest here for a moment. I am hardly the only guy who sees a financial disaster on the horizon. Lots of intelligent writers have generated reams of paper about something that has to happen.

If you have an interest rate based system, there is always more debt than money to pay it. That’s why Jubilees go back thousands of years. Governments can pretend they intend to pay all the money they have borrowed back but it’s bullshit. Governments never pay their debts, they always default….

The Corona Virus is the ultimate black swan and all governments are accomplishing is to prove how impotent they are to solve real problems.

The spread of the virus is expanding and that will continue. The damage to an already weak financial system will also continue. … People are going to go to bed rich and wake up poor.

You have a very limited time to prepare. I’ve warned for years to a mostly bored audience but this is the read deal. You can see what happened in Italy in a couple of short days, they locked down ten cities as unprepared citizens panicked and emptied food stores.

This is coming your way. Are you prepared or do you want to wait until the government tells you to panic?

There are quite a few articles of this nature around now. The theme is that the coronavirus is the black swan or trigger that will bring down the unstable financial world, which is grossly overloaded with debt. Governments will resort to printing. There will be a gradual inflationary melt-up, until one day all of a sudden there is hyperinflation and we need a new money system.

Bob Moriarty has a pretty good track record of financial prediction over the last 15 years that I’ve noticed him.

David Evans, money supply