‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ Signs Appear in Canadian City, Media Ignores

‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ Signs Appear in Canadian City, Media Ignores, by Paul Joseph Watson.

Racist signs that say “white lives don’t matter” and other racial slurs were posted in the Canadian city of Kitchener but received no media coverage whatsoever….

That’s in stark contrast to every single instance of when ‘It’s Okay to be White’ signs are posted, which although not explicitly racist in their message, routinely attract substantial press attention.

Indeed, despite being a 4chan troll to bait the media into overreacting, ‘It’s Okay to be White’ signs often receive breathless, hysterical media coverage in accordance with the ‘white supremacist’ moral panic that has been heavily promoted by the media since Trump’s election.

The left seems to be on the verge of moving from implicit anti-white racism — celebrating, lauding, and promoting every racial group except whites — to explicit anti-white racism.

What next? Remember how gay marriage was denied by all lefty politicians only 12 years ago? Or how Germany’s policy towards Jews changed so much between 1932 and 1942?