Who punches a 65-year old over politics?

Who punches a 65-year old over politics? By Karalee Katsambanis.

Hours after releasing a controversial policy, the CEO of the Returned and Services League in Western Australia was punched in the head and fell to the ground as he left his workplace on Friday evening.

The assailant ran off.

Any other 65–year old man punched in the head — particularly a 65-year old member of a service and welfare organisation — would have elicited a wave of public sympathy but we live in different times.

Perth has a reputation as a violent city.

RSLWA boss John McCourt went on talkback radio Friday trying to defend the unusual new policy that discouraged the organisation’s 130 branches from holding Welcome to Country services and flying the Aboriginal flag at Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services. …

Remember the Aboriginal nation at ANZAC and Remembrance days. Historical revisionism, comrades!

The organisation claims it is not racist or anti-Aboriginal and tried to defend its actions by saying that singling out one specific culture at the Anzac Dawn or Remembrance Day services was ‘not inclusive’ of all cultures. …

But this action of punching the CEO in the head knocking him to the ground begs the question of who will be next?

Everyone has the right to disagree with anything — that is why we live in a democracy.

Resorting to violence seems to now be someone’s first reaction and just shows how far our society has come. … Bashing someone you have never met for holding an opinion that is different to yours? …

We already hear that school principals and teachers have to deal with levels of violence that just never used to happen with the frequency that they do now. …

Have we lost the ability to actually discuss anything without resorting to violence?

To disagree with a politically-correct person is to attack their very identity, because they identify with the PC fantasies so passionately, as instructed by the media. This is what makes them worthwhile, and superior to deplorable you! To deny their fantasies is violence against them, in their eyes. So, you had it coming.

As for the RSL’s ban on Aboriginal stuff when remembering WWI, we can out-virtue-signal the PC crew: How about banning the flag of the oppressive colonialist imperial power, Britain? Yes, ban the British flag and any British stuff at ANZAC and remembrance day ceremonies. Yes, that includes the  little British flag in the top left of the Australian one. Top that, virtue-signalers!