Russia isn’t attacking the US democratic system – our own incompetent ruling class is

Russia isn’t attacking the US democratic system – our own incompetent ruling class is. By Tucker Carlson.

The story of American decline is the story of an incompetent ruling class. You’ll hear many self-serving explanations for it. But the truth is, it’s that simple.

The people in charge inherited an industrial superpower with unchallenged military dominance. In a little more than a generation, they squandered all of it.

In exchange for short-term profits, bigger vacation homes and cheaper household help they wrecked what they did not build. …

But at this point, it’s clear the population has grown tired of it. Donald Trump’s election is one clear sign of that. The rise of Bernie Sanders is another.

The ruling class in other words, is losing its grip on power and the ruling class members can feel it. They can smell it. It terrifies them.

Like the Chinese people, the US will put with an unlikable or self serving ruling class as along as things are going ok for them. But incompetent? Time for a new ruling class.

Carlson doesn’t mention it, but for proof of incompetence look no further than climate change. There is a mistake in all the climate models that causes the warming effect of increasing carbon dioxide to be much exaggerated. But there has been no due diligence, and the science funding system is engineered to ensure no one inside the system “notices”. The mistake wasn’t even all that hard to find, though it is difficult to explain to the lay public. Book out this year.