Is it too late to stop Sanders?

Is it too late to stop Sanders? By Cameron Stewart.

The 78-year-old Sanders is hurtling towards the nomination after three primary contests, helped by a splintered moderate faction that is carving the votes of centrist Democrats between four candidates.

Unlike 2016 when Sanders was stopped by a single moderate candidate in Hillary Clinton, his opposition from the right is negligible this time because the moderate vote is being split between Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and, from March 3, Michael Bloomberg.

These four moderates are currently positioned like a circular firing squad, set to kill each other off while ensuring the survival of their true ideological enemy in Sanders.

If moderate Democrats are as worried as some of them claim about the prospect of a democratic socialist like Sanders winning the nomination, then some of them will need to withdraw from the race quickly and lend their support to a single moderate flag-bearer.

Right now, there appears no prospect of that happening before either the South Carolina primary next Sunday (AEDT) or next week’s massive Super Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT) poll in which 14 states cast their votes. By that stage it may be too late to overcome Sanders who is leading the polls in the large delegate-rich states like California and Texas that vote on Super Tuesday. …

After Super Tuesday, pressure will build for moderate Democrats to rally behind whichever of them is coming second at that point behind Sanders. This would require a tempering of egos and a breakout of unity that has so far evaded the moderate wing of the party.

Unless something changes, the fractured moderates will have only themselves to blame for giving Sanders a free run to the nomination.

If their worst fears come true and Sanders’ big-spending, high taxing, hard-left agenda does help to ensure Trump’s re-election, the Democrats will have walked into a wilderness of their own making.

Everyone is of course noting the parallels between Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.

Richard Fernandez:

The Marxist ideal survived the fall of USSR in the Western Left. They took over the institutions, captured culture. The EU, global world, political correctness. A permanent majority. They so successful they were ready to close the deal in Obama’s 3rd term.

They were going to achieve this through the old moderate coalition. But Hillary missed the layup under the basket. Then the assist from Steele, then finally rejected at the impeachment dunk.

Obama’s 3rd term was the phrase chosen for Hillary’s presidency.

So the left is done with Hillary and others like her. This time they’re gonna do it themselves. No compromises. No more Mr Nice Guy, Red Flag flying.

This is exactly what Corbyn did. Corbyn failed. But he didn’t necessarily have to fail. Sanders can make it but it will be the last hurrah of the Western Left, perhaps of the West as he takes everything down.