Steve Scalise Wins Tweet of the Year

Steve Scalise Wins Tweet of the Year. By Steven Hayward.

Yes, it seems Ellison completely forgot about Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson, who … has been airbrushed from history.

I wonder if Ellison will have the good sense to delete this Tweet.

Pop quiz: who is James T. Hodgkinson?  By Roger Kimball.

Can you say without Google’s help? Stumped?

He was the fellow who, in 2017, went to a congressional Republican baseball practice and shot five people, including Steve Scalise, a congressman from Louisiana, who nearly died. You don’t hear much about Jimbo because he was an avid Bernie Bro and Trump-hater. Doesn’t fit the narrative, you see, so (if I may invoke Lewis Carroll again) he has been transformed into a Cheshire cat creature, disappearing bit by bit from the public record.

James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. By Jim Treacher.

We’ve been hearing a lot about “right-wing violence” lately. If we’re to believe our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters, there’s a Klansman on every street corner and a Nazi under every bed. …

But what happens when an act of violence is irrefutably motivated by left-wing ideology? What happens if, for example, a Bernie Bro named James T. Hodgkinson shoots at a bunch of congressmen for the explicit reason that he hates Republicans and wants them dead? How do we fit that into the preferred narrative?

We can’t. There’s no way. So we just leave it out entirely. …

I’m glad Rep. Scalise is on the mend. But as I read that WSJ story, I can’t help but notice there’s no mention whatsoever of who shot him, or why. He’s recovering after “being shot.” Passive voice. A gun went off and a bullet hit him. No other details.

Who was the shooter? What was the motive? Did it just happen on its own, somehow? Is this normally how the WSJ reports on politicians who’ve been shot?

If James T. Hodgkinson had been a Trump supporter who shot and almost killed a Democratic congressman for political reasons, he’d be the most infamous man in America. But now, just two months after his attempt to murder a group of Republican lawmakers, he’s not even worth mentioning.

FBI: Scalise’s Shooter had Kill List in His Pocket During Attack, by Trey Sanchez.

As James Hodgkinson aimed his rifle at a baseball field full of Republican congressmen, he had a kill list in his pocket, the FBI has disclosed, and that list contained Republican names only.