Bloomberg Posts Funny Video, Breaks the Internet

Bloomberg Posts Funny Video, Breaks the Internet, by Stephen Green.

POLITICO’s Mark Caputo felt it necessary to spend a good chunk of his morning dissecting Bloomberg’s “deceptively edited video.” …

Bloomberg’s campaign did not do anything deceptive in order “to be more dramatic.” They cut most of the sound and added in a bunch of B-roll footage of the other candidates, some of it comically sped up or put in reverse, in order to be more funny. And it worked. Yet Caputo insists in a follow-up tweet — yes, he did a whole thread on this silliness — that “Bloomberg actually inserts video that never happened & that’s not clear to viewers.”

Well, sure, if viewers are idiots who think that a half-dozen politicians are going to go silent for 22 seconds of valuable gas-bagging time during a presidential debate, and that the moderators and the audience and the local cricket-American community would play right along.