Harvard Professor Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic: 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year

Harvard Professor Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic: 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year. By Charlie Nash.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health professor Marc Lipsitch told the Wall Street Journal this week that “it is likely we’ll see a global pandemic” of the coronavirus with up to 70 percent of people infected worldwide.

“I think it is likely we’ll see a global pandemic,” Lipsitch claimed, adding that “If a pandemic happens, 40% to 70% of people world-wide are likely to be infected in the coming year.”

What proportion of those will be symptomatic, I can’t give a good number,” he continued.

Who’s agenda is this? Why not quarantine and block international travel?

There’s already a village in Vietnam locked down, and Vietnam will not allow any cruise ships to visit.

China Admits That More Than Half A Million People Have Had “Close Contact” With The Infected. So it’s at least that many.

China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero, by Tyer Durden. Several indicators are flatlining, for example:

Coal consumption in power plants, as Chinese electricity use craters:

Chinese real estate, property sales across 30 major cities:

Construction steel sector. As Goldman puts it, “construction steel demand is approaching zero.”

Many more  at the link.

Ask yourself: How serious would a disease have to be to make the Chinese react the way they are? For starters, it would have to be very contagious — and that is now established fact. But the death rate? Higher than the 0.15% for the flu obviously, but what? Or could we instead be seeing a massive distrust of government, reluctance to go to concentration camps with sick people, settling political scores, and the consequences of an authoritarian government? Or is the death rate simply much higher than for flu and most everyone is scared witless?