Jordan Peterson treated for tranquilliser addiction

Jordan Peterson treated for tranquilliser addiction, by Charlie Mitchell.

The Canadian professor and self-help guru Jordan Peterson is recovering in Russia from an addiction to tranquillisers after a retreat from public life, his daughter has said.

In a video posted online Mikhaila Peterson said that her father started taking benzodiazepines years ago after an “extremely severe auto-immune reaction to food”. After his wife, Tammy, had terminal kidney cancer diagnosed last April, his dose was increased, leading to physical dependence. …

After several failed rehabilitation attempts in North American hospitals Ms Peterson took him to Moscow for an “incredibly gruelling” detox. Shortly after arriving he was placed in an eight-day induced coma to fight a case of severe pneumonia. “He nearly died several times,” said Ms Peterson, who added that the next update would come from her father. “We are extremely lucky and grateful that he is alive.” …

Ms Peterson said that the decision to travel to Russia had been made in “extreme desperation” but praised doctors there for having “the guts to medically detox someone from benzodiazepines”.

Peterson, 57, whose 2018 book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos became an international bestseller and was translated into 50 languages, is out of intensive care but has suffered physiological and neurological damage and is unable to type or walk unaided.

Sad. Hope he recovers.

hat-tip Stephen Neil