Demographics is destiny

Demographics is destiny, by Pat Buchanan.

Immigration may determine the destiny of the West.

Yet Democrats believe in tearing down Trump’s wall, an end to deportations, extending welfare benefits to border-crossers, and granting sanctuary from border security agents for criminals here illegally.

That Americans of European descent, 90 percent of the nation in 1960, close to 60 percent today, will in 20 years be less than half of the population is for Democrats a cause of ceaseless celebration.

America, they contend, will be a far, far better place than we have ever known when a far smaller share of the population is white. The greater the racial, credal, cultural, and ethnic diversity, the better the country.

Yet Americans of European descent, headed for minority status, provide 85 to 90 percent of all Republican votes in presidential elections. What Democrats are cheering portends the demographic death of the GOP.

The Democrats can’t wait.

Paul Joseph Watson:

Joe Scarborough is celebrating the fact that a demographic “freight train” will secure electoral success for Democrats far into the future and lead to the “collapse” of the GOP.

The former Congressman and current MSNBC host tweeted, “Democrats have won the popular vote 6 of the last 7 elections. They won a record landslide in 2018. Demographics are a freight train carrying them into the future. The GOPs actions will accelerate their collapse. The future belongs to Democrats if they work hard & focus on 2020.” …

This is yet another example of how it’s only considered acceptable to talk about huge demographic changes if you’re in favor of them.

Suggesting that a drastic decline in the white population will change America for the worse is treated as at best virulent racism and at worst a dog whistle to genocidal neo-nazis.

Meanwhile, celebrating the demographic decline and replacement of white people in order to turn traditionally red states blue is exalted as some kind of progressive virtue.

hat-tip Stephen Neil