The Democratic Horserace in the US

The Democratic Horserace in the US. By Lion of the Blogosphere.

By elites I mean Democratic politicians and former politicians (with Obama himself being the elite of the elite) plus big-money donors. Democratic elites never got behind Biden. Not at all. Compare Biden to the massive amount of money and endorsements that Jeb Bush had accumulated in the 2016 election cycle. Not that it did Jeb any good.

I’m still not sure if Bernie is like Trump, in that no one in a so-called “moderate lane” can gain any traction and Bernie wins, or if a not-Bernie candidate will arise to supplant him. Right now, there are only two not-Bernie candidates with any realistic shot: Buttigieg and Bloomberg.

And yes, between the three of them, they’re a pretty weird trio to be the only three viable candidates. Two of them are ridiculously old and one of them is ridiculously young as well as gay. …

The Democratic Party has absolutely no bench of straight white males with national name recognition under the age of 70. They also don’t have any Barrack Obamas on the bench, that is straight men who are culturally as white as they get (multiple Ivy League degrees plus SWPL [stuff white people like] interests) while technically being black.

If Democratic elites only cared about defeating Trump, which is what they claim publicly, then Bernie would be a fine choice to go with. Polls show him doing just fine against Trump. Better than Buttigieg. Polls back in 2016 showed him doing better against Trump than Hillary Clinton. Why not just jump on the Bernie bandwagon?

Based on who they’ve been giving money to, rich Democratic donors want Buttigieg to be President. Why? Because they like him. He’s smart like an Ivy League graduate, and not senile or a loon like the other two guys. He’s moderate on issues that rich people care about, and they don’t care if he’s a crazy-left woke liberal on other issues that have nothing to do with rich people making more money.

Bloomberg and his money are trying to engineer a brokered convection, that will choose … Oprah? Hillary? Michelle?

Stephen Green on the latest Dem debate:

I honestly can’t wait to drunkblog the New Hampshire results on Tuesday.

They can’t all lose, but some of them surely will — and what a thrill that will be.

We are cheering for reality and prosperity over politically correct fantasies.