What Happened to America’s Political Center of Gravity?

What Happened to America’s Political Center of Gravity? By Sahil Chinoy.

These findings are based on data from the Manifesto Project, which reviews and categorizes each line in party manifestos, the documents that lay out a group’s goals and policy ideas. We used the topics that the platforms emphasize, like market regulation and multiculturalism, to put them on a common scale. …

The resulting scores capture how the groups represent themselves, not necessarily their actual policies.

Yep, the Democrats have veered sharply left in the last decade, since Obama got elected:

International comparison:

According to its 2016 manifesto, the Republican Party lies far from the Conservative Party in Britain and the Christian Democratic Union in Germany — mainstream right-leaning parties — and closer to far-right parties like Alternative for Germany.

What makes a party left or right?

Read it all. The NYT is arguing that the US Republicans are a far right party, and it is a tragedy that the main conservative party in the US is not more left wing — like in the Europe (wistful sigh).