President Trump Explodes at Boris Johnson During Phone Call Over Huawei

President Trump Explodes at Boris Johnson During Phone Call Over Huawei, by Robert Wenzel.

Last week, Donald Trump vented “apoplectic” fury at Boris Johnson in a tense phone call over Britain’s decision to allow Huawei a role in its 5G mobile phone networks, according to officials in London and Washington, reports The Financial Times.

A second official confirmed that the Trump-Johnson call was “very difficult.” British officials with knowledge of the exchange said they were taken aback by the force of the president’s language towards Johnson.

The White House only provided a short official readout of the call last Tuesday. It said:

Today, President Donald J Trump spoke with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. The two leaders discussed critical regional and bilateral issues, including telecommunications security.

The British prime minister spoke to Trump soon after he announced his decision to allow the Chinese manufacturer to participate in the UK’s next-generation cellular network. Top Trump administration officials had apparently warned Britain not to make the move.