Trump’s Great State Of the Union Address, Pelosi Tears It Up

Trump’s Great State Of the Union Address, Pelosi Tears It Up. By John Hinderaker.

More than anything, the speech was a reminder of what an excellent record the president has to run on in November. In both domestic and foreign policy, his achievements are essentially unarguable.

This puts the Democrats in a tough spot. Through the first half of the speech, President Trump reeled off one item of good news after another: Record low unemployment! Lowest black unemployment ever! Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever! Rising wages, especially at the bottom! Median net worth skyrocketing! And so on. The Democrats greeted all of this with stony silence. When Trump announced that in the last three years, 10 million people have gotten off welfare, the Democrats looked as though they were ready to cry. …

Like illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. In the battle between law-abiding Americans and criminal aliens, the Democrats made it very clear whose side they are on. …

It was great to see Trump honor Rush Limbaugh, not only with an introduction but with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, conferred on the spot by the First Lady. Some would say that Trump took a bit of a risk by recognizing Limbaugh, who is much hated on the Left. But, while he is not in all respects a traditional conservative, Trump knows how to appeal to his party’s conservative base. We saw that several times tonight. Trump knows that Rush is revered (rightly) by conservatives. With gestures like this one, Trump assures conservatives that he is, at heart, one of us.

She needs a timeout.

Paul Mirengoff:

In case you missed it, and in case this is your first stop for news about President Trump’s State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s speech (as I understand it, the official copy he is constitutionally required to give her) at the end of the oration. Pelosi doesn’t exactly exude class on her best day, but this was an incredible display of petulance.

To be fair, Trump had rejected Pelosi’s offer of a handshake before the speech began. But that’s something adults sometimes do to their antagonists. Elizabeth Warren recently did it to Bernie Sanders. It’s not classy, but it isn’t infantile. Ripping up a speech is.

John Hayward:

Dems put on a show for a tiny gaggle of noisy hate-maddened lunatics. Trump played to a vastly larger audience, a contrast perfectly captured by him delivering a poetic and inspirational closing while Pelosi acted like a toddler and ripped up a copy of his speech.

CNN To Give ISIS Equal Time To Respond To Trump’s State Of The Union, by the Babylon Bee.

“Americans deserve to hear from every perspective, whether that’s the bad orange man or these brave freedom fighters,” said a CNN spokesperson.

And for those aficionados with time enough, this is superb:

Speech ripping at 1:42:50.


Given the state of left-wing politics, it is smart to assume [that Pelosi’s ripping up of the speech] was a well-rehearsed stunt cooked up by an army of pollsters, drama coaches and consultants.

Certainly stole the limelight and reporting afterwards.

hat-tip Stephen Neil