Iowa caucus showed Trump is ready, while Democrats drown

Iowa caucus showed Trump is ready, while Democrats drown, by Miranda Devine.

So the winner of the Iowa caucuses is … drum roll … President Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party imploded in its first test of the 2020 presidential election: Joe Biden collapsed as the Great White Hope of the Democratic party and technical glitches engulfed the caucus results. …

Results in the Democratic caucuses were delayed after new rules and a new app failed to deliver results from 1,681 precincts across Iowa.

As 78-year-old Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders and 37-year-old gay Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg vied to claim victory, the party farcically was trying to verify results using screenshots of paper tally counts while Iowa officials spent the evening hanging up on frustrated campaign managers phoning for results.

“These are the same people who want to take over your healthcare,” Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said of the shambles. “They can’t run a caucus so how could you trust them with your livelihood?”

Biden nearly out, Bernie up:

Biden tried to put on a brave face at his caucus night party for the faithful at Drake University in Des Moines shortly before midnight Tuesday. “We’re here for the long haul,” he said. …

In Iowa, Biden, 77, struggled to complete sentences or resorted to a tele-promoter to deliver flaccid criticisms of Trump.

Meanwhile, socialist renegade Bernie Sanders, 78, three months after a heart attack, has tapped millennial energy in almost Trumpian events across the state, offering to cancel student debt and legalise marijuana.

“Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,” chant his adoring fans, swooning when he describes his wife of 32 years as “the love of my life”.

The Iowa results debacle feeds into the outsider mentality Sanders is cultivating, one man standing against a rigged system.

The Democrats have just changed the rules to allow billionaire Michael Bloomberg to “buy his way onto the stage” as Sanders’ warm-up man, filmmaker Michael Moore puts it.

And at a rally in Cedar Rapids on Saturday night, Sanders told his young 3000-strong audience that he was battling not just the Republicans, but the Democratic establishment.

If he is cheated of the nomination his young followers are ready for war at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July.

The Iowa Caucus Just Crashed and Burned and Democrats Will Never Hear the End of It. By Victoria Taft.

It could take days to get find out who actually won the Democratic contest. …

Speculation has begun in earnest. Bernie Sanders can’t help but think that mainstream Dems are after him again and will do anything to keep him from the party nomination.

It will take a while before the Democrats live this one down.

Government-run health care anyone?

Who will the Democrats — not exactly the party of self-responsibility — blame it on? Russia? Trump? Big something?

Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin, by the Z-Man.

Another reason why The Age of Conspiracy would work is the inner party is actually behind some rather important conspiracies. For example, the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. The Benghazi fiasco and cover-up. Clinton’s mysterious e-mail server and the shenanigans around it. How can we forget old Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious character, who apparently died by magic? Note that months on and the FBI has not charged anyone with anything regarding his death.

Now we come to the best caper so far. The party appears to have rigged the Iowa Caucus, in order to deny Bernie Sanders a victory. They will have results, eventually, but there will be no big live rally or press conference for him. Maybe they post the results wherever they place the obituaries now. The results don’t matter anyway, as the media will now pretend the Dancing Queen is the savior. Who knows, maybe they rig the results to declare him the official winner.

It may sound a bit conspiratorial, but a reasonable person is now forced to consider conspiracy as an explanation for everything in politics. There’s no doubt the Democrat Party tried hard to rig the vote against Sanders in 2016. They admitted as much while it was happening. They have been quite clear about their loathing of Sanders this time. This technology they decided to use to count votes is the product of a party insider.

Ron Coleman:

The Democrats wouldn’t have this problem if they’d just stand up and say “Bernie Sanders is a damned communist, not a member of our party and he’s not eligible to be our nominee.”

But then they’d lose half their activists and a third of their donors … who are also communists.


The quashing of the Des Moines Register poll, which showed a significant lead for Bernie, combined with the “crashing” of the phone app intended to report the caucus results is enemy action. There is no other possible explanation.

Now, because the Dhimmicrats are hand-in-glove with the Lying Liberal Hack Media, the “accident/mistake” story will have lots of legs. It should have already died.

Great week for Trump:

  • Iowa — Complete humiliation for the Democrats
  • SOTU
  • Acquittal in Senate impeachment trial