Despicable impeachment of Trump — decent people must decry this attack on our system

Despicable impeachment of Trump — decent people must decry this attack on our system, by William Bennett and Brian Kennedy.

A concern for the political health of the nation compels decent people to state openly what has gone on here: political deception on a massive scale meant to overthrow the election of 2016 and corrupt the 2020 election. Led by Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, the Democrat Party has been promoting and is likely to continue to promote a subterfuge meant to confuse the American electorate and radicalize politics.

In the articles of impeachment, there was no serious case made against President Trump for wrongdoing. Indeed, one wonders whether the House managers were really interested in removing the president in the first place.

For all their solemn invoking of the American founders and the Constitution, the House managers’ presentation was designed to delegitimize the American political system as a whole. Their constant accusations that the president is a liar and a cheat, and their allies in the media with their hatred of Trump and mockery of his voters, create the conditions of what some have called a Cold Civil War. …

Perhaps when Trump asked President Volodymyr Zelensky to examine what happened with the investigation of the Bidens and Burisma, it was nothing more than what it appeared to be: a concern over corruption that should not have gone unchecked.

Anyone with any common sense would have to believe that something was wrong when Vice President Biden bragged at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations about getting the Ukranian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired in April of 2016. That Biden would pressure the Ukranian government to fire the prosecutor of the company that employed his son Hunter Biden, however, is amazingly above reproach. In the fantasy world of Adam Schiff and the House managers, to inquire about this is to “hurt an ally (Ukraine) and help an enemy (Russia).”

The thought of withholding aid from Ukraine — which didn’t happen — was also the source of much contention. One imagines that Trump was not too keen about giving aid to Ukraine in the first place. Their government is corrupt and it is not a vital strategic interest of the United States. We wish the people of Ukraine well but they are not our allies and their defense is their responsibility, not that of the American people. After listening to the House managers, one would think the U.S. had no more important ally than Ukraine.

It’s as if the Democrats don’t realize there is an Internet, through which many of us find the real story. In the old days, when everyone got their news thorough the mass media, they would have got away with this.

Trump will be acquitted tomorrow. But imagine what would have happen if the Republicans didn’t happen to have a Senate majority?