Feel the Bern? Ouch-time approaching.

Feel the Bern? Ouch-time approaching.

The Democratic Party establishment are fully aware that Bernie Sanders is too far left to win, and in any case don’t like his far left politics. So, as in 2016, they will put their thumb on the scale to ensure he isn’t the Democrat’s candidate in 2020.

Yet, Bernie’s economic and social views are widely held by the base of the Democratic Party. Especially in the younger, more indoctrinated people, who are less aware of the disastrous track record of communism or more extreme socialism.

Finally, Bernie is honest. He would drain the swamp from the left. The swamp is the Democratic establishment, more or less — witness the conga line of Democrats with their corrupt hands in the Ukrainian cookie jar. No way are they going to let Bernie become president.

In the meantime, the Democrat/media establishment need to hide Bernie’s extreme economic views, lest they be tarred with them in public. They pretend he doesn’t exist.

Train wreck on the left coming, popcorn time.

The anti-swamp vote is split between Trump and Sanders.

UPDATE: Steve Bannon lays out a shocking scenario of the real reason behind Bloomberg’s investment of $2 billion in politics, by Thomas Lifson.

According to Bannon, with the addled and corrupt Biden faltering, Bloomberg is fighting a holding action to prevent Bernie Sanders from capturing the nomination and thus taking over the party and converting it into an explicitly socialist party.

Win (unlikely) or lose, a Sanders candidacy would hand leadership of the party to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will be old enough for the presidency in the 2024 election. Bannon notes that she has become the face of the Sanders campaign in Iowa while he was tied up in the impeachment trial.

She is an outright socialist intent on nationalizing the means of production and is therefore incompatible with Bloomberg’s intent to run the party and the country by financing its political campaigns and operating expenses with outlays that don’t strain his net worth but enable it to outspend the opposition. …

BANNON: And the specter — remember, Bernie Sanders is AOC. Bernie Sanders is AOC’s third term. It just happens to be the first. Bernie’s surge has come since Bernie’s been back in Washington on the impeachment trial.

It’s AOC in Iowa. She has taken over that one taking over that wing of the Democratic Party, or the socialist party. They’re really not Democrats. Remember, she said, in any other country in the world, Joe Biden and I wouldn’t be in the same party.

But the Democratic establishment is still calling the shots in 2020. Could be heading for a brokered convention, that chooses … Hillary?!

BANNON: Bloomberg money’s and Clinton — in a brokered convention, the centrists will look to Clinton to save the — save the party, as I have said, when they don’t have a centrist. …

If this is true, Bloomberg is carrying out an unprecedented head fake, using the cover provided by Trump Derangement Syndrome in order to convert our political system to a de facto plutocracy. With very few exceptions, the Left, normally averse to wealthy people purchasing political power, is remaining silent because expelling President Trump from the Oval Office is its sole concern. They raise no objections and even refuse to properly name the emerging system.

An oligarch is personally paying for the operations of a political party and buying political offices using advertising, paid field staff (Bloomberg already has 500 operatives on generous salary through November regardless of the fate of his candidacy), and outright ownership of the media to hand victory to his pawns. Understand that Democrats including a potential President Hillary Clinton would be hopelessly dependent on him for future funding, as their independent fundraising capacities atrophy once he starts paying the bills.

Could be. Let see what happens.