Hiring: If your Diversity statement passes, then they look at your qualifications

Hiring: If your Diversity statement passes, then they look at your qualifications. By Steve Sailer.

To get hired as a professor at the University of California you now have to submit a statement explaining how you will advance the worship of the university’s (and perhaps universe’s) supreme good: Diversity Equity Inclusion To You.

Please note that only after candidates are winnowed based on their DEITY scores … will their professional qualifications to teach physical chemistry or ancient Greek or whatever be evaluated.

John Cochrane  explains that your racial self-abasement is not a side effect, it’s a requirement:

My friends (anonymous!) in the [University of California] system report that the criteria are clear and the word is out:

Don’t try to be clever. Don’t quote Martin Luther King, on judgement by content of character rather than color of skin. Don’t write vibrant essays on the importance of ideological, political or religious diversity. Don’t quote federal anti-discrimination law, the 14th Amendment, and the UC’s own statements of non-discrimination in hiring. Don’t write about class diversity, diverse experiences of immigrants, such as people born under communism in Eastern Europe or the amazingly diverse experience of the colleague you just hired who came from a small village in China. Don’t write about the importance of freedom of speech, or anti-communist loyalty oaths in the 1950s. …

We all know what “diversity” means. And, heaven forbid, don’t express distaste for the project. The staff are on to all these tricks, and each of these specifically will earn you a downgrade.

Apologize profusely and in writing for being white and competent, and they might let you have a job. Otherwise, there are lots of non-whites to give the job to.

Of course, this also acts as a political test, comrades. Lefties might pass because they think it signals virtue, but most of the rest of us would be more reluctant to lose that much self-respect.

Trends spread from California to the US to the rest of the West. Is this our future soon?

If you’re a young white guy, knowing that you will be discriminated against in every hiring decision and competence is not enough, why bother trying? Just play computer games, chase girls, or do whatever else interests you.

The system is rigged. The people running it are too stupid and ideological to even acknowledge who invented the modern world, and why that is still relevant — and always will be.

Parkinson’s Law of Diversity Work, by Stephen Foster at Steve Sailer’s.

Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

The Diversity Parkinson’s Law: “Diversity work expands to fill the time of the staff added to the diversity payroll.”

Diversity professionals talk about how important diversity is, and since there is never enough diversity and no one can tell you exactly what it is, much less when you’ve reached “peak diversity” or if you’re even close, you can never have enough people to remind everyone how important it is. The more the staff, the more the diversity-talk. The more diversity-talk there is, ergo, the more important it is. …

Notice how much “diversity” work contrasts with most other kinds of university employment, a math professor, for example. A math professor isn’t paid to talk about how important mathematics is; he doesn’t have to. He just teaches people how to do mathematics because it is obvious how important mathematics is. You only hire as many math professors as you have students who want or need to learn mathematics; any additional math profs would have nothing to do.

Ahh, but diversity is the left’s strength. Can’t have too much of that, can we comrades?