Explosive Leaked Confession of Domestic Abuse of Johnny Depp Turns #MeToo Upside Down

Explosive Leaked Confession of Domestic Abuse of Johnny Depp Turns #MeToo Upside Down, by Megan Fox.

A leaked audio conversation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is blowing up Hollywood. The audio reveals Heard confessing to committing physical violence against Depp. After BuzzFeed published photos of Heard with bruises and accusations of abuse against Depp, his life fell apart. Depp was implicated in the #MeToo movement and branded as a wife-abuser. He was dropped from “Pirates of the Caribbean” in 2018 and many speculate it was because of the allegations.

Johnny Depp … victim

Amber Heard … abuser

On Sunday, a taped conversation between Depp and Heard was posted online. In it, Heard admits to “slapping,” “hitting,” and throwing objects at him. Her biggest frustration with Depp appears to be that he tries to get away from her when she turns violent. Depp is heard saying, “There can be no physical violence,” and Heard replies, “I can’t promise I won’t get physical again.” …

At one point Depp says, “I’m not the one who f***ing throws f***ing pots and whatever the f*** else at me.” Heard doesn’t deny it and replies, “That’s different…one does not negate the other. That’s irrelevant. Just because I throw pots and pans does not mean you don’t come and knock on the door,” equating him walking away from a violent encounter to throwing pots at someone’s head. …

Later in the audio Heard admits to slapping and hitting him and justifies that it’s okay because she didn’t punch him.

But look at how she presented it publicly, accusing him of being violent. Female privilege.

The privilege that women have when they accuse a man of abuse is widely known. Whole movements, like the #MeToo scam, spring up to attack the accused man and destroy his career. Phrases like “believe women” are printed on bumper stickers and t-shirts, but no one stops to wonder if the woman is telling the truth.

In this case, it appears that Heard was lying. If a man claims he is abused, no one wants to hear his story. When Heard accused Depp of abusing her, he fought back and claimed that he was the one suffering physical abuse. Hardly anyone believed him. As a result, Heard’s Hollywood star rose while Depp lost jobs. …

History is full of stories of duplicitous and scheming harpies who destroyed the lives of men over false accusations. I detail many of them in my book, Believe Evidence: The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo. … And the next time some woman comes forward with a salacious story about a man, instead of labeling her “brave” and “courageous,” check her facts and evidence.

Men have been and continue to be abused, raped, sexually assaulted, and murdered by women. Their voices should not be silenced by the #MeToo hags who can’t understand reality and human nature.

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