Why the Drudge Report has Gone Anti-Trump and Is Quietly Becoming More PC

Why the Drudge Report has Gone Anti-Trump and Is Quietly Becoming More PC. By Victoria Taft.

Bob Norman writes in [Columbia Journalism Review] that he passed the “Keep Out” signs and snuck onto Drudge’s secreted property near the Florida Everglades to learn the secret of the news mogul’s disaffection. …

The reporter never got an answer from Matt Drudge about why he fell off the Trump bandwagon, though he surmises it might have been due to Trump’s failure to “build the wall.”

He called his interview, such as it was, “tortured” and said:

I told him I was curious about his current thoughts on Trump.

“You and everybody else,” he said.

I noted that he went all in on Trump during the election.

“That was three years ago,” he said.

So what happened? PJMedia reported in December that it appeared the website reportedly had been sold. In August, as Buzzfeed News reported, the business plan and advertising completely switched.

Drudge has deleted all his tweets, despite having half a million followers.

Drudge may have quietly sold the news site, signed a non-compete (or something like it) and a confidentiality agreement, promised to be a good boy and stay out of politics to avoid sullying his former site, and gone into hiding from the outside world while he plans his next conquest.

We don’t know.

What better way for the left to turn the political culture than to buy the leading right-wing political website and quietly subvert it. Many people (including us at WR) noticed last year that suddenly the articles on Drudge stopped supporting Trump and instead were quietly critical. Also, there were no more links to insightful articles critical of the left and PC. Hmmmm.

Nothing quite like a controlled opposition, or a fixed fight.

The Drudge Report has became a bit boring.