Strip Bettina Arndt of OAM, says Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy

Strip Bettina Arndt of OAM, says Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy, by Lachlan Moffet Gray.

Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy is attempting to have men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt stripped of her Order of Australia, saying the award “is an insult to victims of sexual abuse”.

An insult and challenge to PC you mean. “Shut up,” explained the feminists.

Ms Arndt received the honour on Australia Day for her service to the community as a social commentator and to gender equality through her advocacy for men’s rights.

On Tuesday Ms Hennessy wrote to Governor-General David Hurley, urging him to cancel Ms Arndt’s award.

Opponents of PC must be stripped of authority, financing, credibility, and access to the media. Obviously Bettina Arndt should not have a medal from the Australian Government. The ostensible reasons are irrelevant. Here’s the real reason:

Ms Arndt has received criticism over many of her views expressed in the public sphere like her “Fake Rape Crisis” tour which argues there is a “manufactured rape crisis” on Australian university campuses or her arguments in defence of convicted pedophiles George Pell and Nicolaas Bester.

Bring it on, ladies, by Betina Arndt.

What a week. It was obvious my Australia Day Honours award would create a stir. Receiving an honour for service to “gender equity through advocacy for men” was destined to get feminist knickers in a twist. But boy, did they lose it big time.

From early morning after my award – a Member of the Order of Australia, or AM – was announced, they were out there, piling on the abuse.

Petitions were started seeking to have the award rescinded and then, amazingly, yesterday the Victorian Attorney-General, Jill Hennessy, announced she had written to the Governor-General asking him to strip me of my honour. Wow, what a mistake that was, turning the whole fracas into a free speech issue which is now attracting huge numbers of people wanting to sign up for my campaigns.

Funnily enough, the ABC, our public broadcaster, didn’t utter one word about my award until Hennessy joined the pile-on and then suddenly invited me on Virginia Trioli’s radio show to discuss it.

But back to the beginning. The very first announcement of the award was greeted by vicious articles from activists, resorting to their usual tricks by digging deep into my 45-year media career to pull quotes out of context presenting me as a total villain and degenerate. …

Despite their best efforts, I was being flooded with a hugely positive response, swamped by emails from people who’d obviously never heard of me before but were delighted to hear someone was standing up for men. …

Then they rolled out a big gun – namely former Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, who became a domestic violence advocate after her son was tragically killed by her estranged ex-husband. Sadly, this once admirable woman is now being employed as a weapon. Sure enough, the media reported Batty was shocked and appalled by my award, claiming my work “pits men against women”. That’s because I quote the official statistics showing at least a third of domestic violence victims are actually male. …

Overall, the whole fracas has been pretty amazing. The feminists have so overplayed their hand, making it painfully obvious that they see me as a force to be reckoned with, a formidable enemy to be silenced at all costs.

What better evidence of the determination of the sisterhood to shut down any debate that challenges their anti-male narrative.

Amen Betina.