Coronavirus: Domestic plane in Australia flew with man from Wuhan coming down with coronavirus, some may now be isolated, man hospitalized, four of his companions now sick

Coronavirus: Domestic plane in Australia flew with man from Wuhan coming down with coronavirus, some may now be isolated, man hospitalized, four of his companions now sick. By Charlie Peel.

Up to 200 passengers on a flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast will be contacted by health authorities and warned they were travelling with a man infected with coronavirus. …

The 44-year-old Chinese man – the first person in Queensland identified with the disease – flew from Wuhan to Melbourne, via Singapore, on January 22. …

The man felt ill when he arrived in Queensland and spent the night in his hotel room where he became “increasingly unwell” before going to hospital in an ambulance about 3.30pm on January 28.

The man and his eight companions are in isolation in the Gold Coast University Hospital. Four of them, including children, are showing signs of illness and have been tested for the virus.

Queensland’s chief health officer Jeanette Young said the department would contact every person on the flight — between 150 and 200 people — to alert them.

Passengers seated within two rows in front of and behind the group will be asked to go into isolation by the health department.

Dr Young said the man was one of seven people confirmed to be afflicted with the virus in Australia.

Death toll rises as virus spreads to every Chinese region, by the BBC.

The death toll of the coronavirus has risen to 170 and with a confirmed case in Tibet, the virus has now spread to every region in mainland China.

Chinese health authorities have said there were 7,711 confirmed cases in the country as of 29 January.

Infections have also spread to at least 16 other countries.

Coronavirus very unlikely to be spread by packages shipped from China, by Becky Kellogg.

Dr. Nancy Messonier, the director of the CDC’s Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said …

“In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures,” Messonnier said.

The virus is spread from person to person when someone else coughs, and the next person inhales those droplets left in the air. And while you may move away when someone sick coughs near you, touching things sick people may have touched is just as crucial.

The takeaway – wash your hands and sanitize commonly used items as much as you can, especially in public places.

As coronavirus spreads, Beijing suburbs close themselves off. By Louis Casiano.

Wary residents on the outskirts of Beijing have taken their own measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from outsiders by effectively closing off their towns from the rest of the world.

Villagers wearing masks and armbands stand guard and roads are being blocked by anything capable of stopping traffic to prevent anyone from entering Zhuangke, a village in the Hebei province, which borders Beijing.

“If we let in one (infected) person, the whole village would be ruined,” said Chen Shuyi, a member of the village committee. …

The tactics used by the villagers are similar to ones used during the outbreak of SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, in 2002-03. The disease originated in China and killed nearly 800 people. The current number of coronavirus cases now surpasses the number of cases of SARS during the outbreak nearly two decades ago, but the current death toll is lower.

Potential for something bad here. Looks like the virus is mostly out of the bag now, so we just have to hope the symptoms are generally mostly harmless. Vaccines won’t come until a couple of months at least.