Insights of a Recent Immigrant to Australia

Insights of a Recent Immigrant to Australia. This was written in the last couple of weeks by an Indian-Australian to an Indian friend of his in the US, who forwarded the commentary to a friend of his in England, who sent it to us at The Wentworth Report. All appropriate permissions were obtained, but the authors wish to stay anonymous.

It is highly politically-incorrect, because it breaks the commandment that only whites can be criticized. But it’s a first hand witness account, so it is presumably realistic. Of course, one must not generalize further.

Today I went to the Medicare office to get a bill sorted. Sri Lankans and Indians have taken over the whole department in this particular branch. The service levels have gone downhill from what I remember, compared to before about 2010 when it was all Aussies.

They all seem confused and keep asking each other for help in filling simple forms. The two aunties were discussing some kitchen recipe while one of them was serving me. I felt like I was in Chandigarh Passport Office. This is in inner South East Melbourne, the wealthiest part of Melbourne. Even if I didn’t experience any of this, the fact that the out of all places, the Medicare office branch now employs a security guard is revealing!

I came to this outer suburb called Dandenong in 2005. There were mostly whites here then, and minorities were mostly Chinese and some Afghan refugees. Today, 15 years later, it’s completely Sudanese and Somali refugees, Indians, Chinese, Turks, Afghans, etc. A couple of streets are no-go zones, because Sudanese youth have a habit of bashing people up gangsta style for no reason other than “why not?”.

I know that there exist a couple of places in Melbourne where you can pay (bribe) to pass your driving license because of Indians working inside who have setting [i.e. corrupt arrangements] with driving instructors.

If you call the Australian Tax Office for a query, God forbid if you get an Indian on other side; the best option is to disconnect and try again until you get an Aussie. Something that will take you 30 minutes with the former will be resolved in 5 minutes with the latter, and the latter will treat you like a human being.

There is now a situation where this trend will continue without major pushback from Aussies, unless immigration from these cultures is halted or significantly cut back as a public policy. Fortunately that’s already happening with Australia; the quota for the number of permanent resident visas has been reduced, on top of which barely 50% of the quota is being issued. But I have bad news for you, inside news — most of those who don’t qualify for permanent residency in Australia do qualify for permanent residency in Canada — through the provincial schemes and Canada’s generally inferior immigration system.

I know many who have gone from Aus to Canada. You see, no one in their right mind would do this because Aus is a significantly more liveable/better country than Canada, but the Aus immigration system is now pushing the bottom 70% to Canada.