Andrew Doyle: I may have to kill off Titania McGrath

I may have to kill off Titania McGrath, by Andrew Doyle. Oh so true:

I start the week by going through my iPhone to delete the numbers of former friends. It sounds depressing, but it’s actually quite cathartic. I suppose it all started with Brexit. I’m not a confrontational person, so it was surprising to find so many friends turning against me over their newfound devotion to a neoliberal trading bloc.

Since then, I’ve watched the ongoing curdling of rational minds with a growing sense of incomprehension. So many on the left appear to have surrendered to a collective fantasy in which the slightest point of political disagreement is interpreted as evidence of fascism. Someone I’ve known for more than a decade went all Mr Hyde on me in a pub one night, barking that I was a ‘Nazi’, which is about as antithetical to my worldview as you can get. Still, there’s something to be said for bigots outing themselves like this, and it does free up your social calendar.

Time to kill Titania?

I fear I may have to kill her off before she takes over my life. …

I’m not suggesting Titania has any violent intentions towards me, but she does get me into trouble. Recently I was accused of writing an obvious hoax piece for the Independent under the pseudonym ‘Liam Evans’ which called for offensive comedians to be prosecuted for hate speech. The intention was clearly to expose the way in which certain outlets will publish any old nonsense by anyone at all, so long as it is sufficiently woke. About the authorship I couldn’t possibly comment, but by an incredible coincidence if you take the fourth letter of every sentence of the article it spells out ‘Titania McGrath wrote this you gullible hacks’.