The Trump Impeachment

The Trump Impeachment, by Mark Steyn.

I had a very good view of the last impeachment trial – from a largely empty Senate press gallery, the US media collectively agreeing from about Day Three or Four that the whole thing was a crashing bore, notwithstanding the oral sex and cigars and “distinguishing characteristics”. Not like a phone call to Kiev, is it? …

The left, being not terribly imaginative, always accuse you of what they’re doing themselves. So, in this case, President Trump is charged with interfering with the 2020 election by men who have been interfering with the 2016 and 2020 elections for over three-and-a-half years now. Which is why we have the preposterous spectacle of four Democrat presidential candidates preparing to vote to remove from office the guy they’re running against.

This is a joke. I gave up on it when, on the eve of the trial, the laughably named “Government Accountability Office” released its supposedly entirely separate conclusion that Trump had acted “illegally”. Aside from the fact that that “finding” is flat out wrong, I wonder whether the permanent bureaucracy ever thinks, “Gee, maybe we should be a little more subtle about putting our Deep State thumbs on the scale.” …

The accelerating madness drags a cowed and quiescent political class along in its wake. A Ukrainian phone call is a “national security threat”, but presidential candidates announcing their pronouns isn’t a threat to anything. We’ll see how that works out.

Talk of impeachment reminds me of the Clintons: