Prince Harry and Meghan are caricatures of phony progressivism

Prince Harry and Meghan are caricatures of phony progressivism, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Having been there no more than a minute, Meghan Markle has had enough of the kind of work that comes with being a B-grade royal, but she seems to like the A-grade royal perks. She and Prince Harry had their big royal wedding. The progressive Sussexes want to keep other expensive, unprogressive royal accoutrements, the big royal home along with royally expensive renovations. Carving out their progressive future, they plan to do away with royal duties but keep their royal titles to boost their celebrity and personal bank balances.

It is entirely understandable if the duke and duchess are unhappy with frolicking in the shadows of the heirs to the British throne. It’s not easy being born No 2 in a royal family where only No 1 counts. And clearly the former TV star is finding it hard to adjust to a royal life in the shadow of Kate.

But why must these royal discontents camouflage their unhappiness by claiming they are now carving out a “progressive” new role? The answer to that question is because they can. The word progressive has two critical characteristics the Sussexes desperately need right now. It is simultaneously devoid of precise meaning, and steeped in virtue signalling.

The whole country celebrated their wedding, two years ago.

In reality, the attention-seeking Sussexes are caricatures of phony progressivism. Prince Harry, who travels by private jet, stood barefoot on an Italian beach last year to tell us to save the world from climate change. Harry has told us, more than once, that he and his wife are limiting themselves to two children to save the planet from the wasteful use of resources. Take that, brother William, second in line to the throne, with your three heirs. Now the Sussexes want us to swallow that, in the name of progress, they want the perks of royalty but not the work. …

History is replete with examples of misguided fools, selfish dolts and plainly rotten people claiming to be progressive doing dreadful damage in the name of being progressive. To give only the most historically significant example, communist heroes promised workers an enlightened, progressive future only to deliver despair, poverty and death.

Whenever anyone utters the word progressive it pays then to wait and watch. It can end in tears when it is (a) a political ruse, (b) a public relations exercise or (c) a selfish stunt rather than a path to genuine progress. In the Sussexes case, it is two out of three.


Meghan has her royal baby and is set for life. Harry will be discarded within a few years as he is now surplus to requirements. And because he is stupid.

hat-tip Philip Barton

UPDATE: Meghan Markle’s REAL dream is to move to Los Angeles… but only after Donald Trump’s presidency ends, say pals. By Rebecca English.

Meghan grew up in the city and her mother, Doria Ragland, still lives there. …

In 2016, before she met Harry, Meghan called Mr Trump ‘divisive’ and ‘misogynistic’. She pledged to vote for his presidential rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to move to Canada if he won.