Iran: Lies coming home to roost, post-modern theories about truth and media control found wanting

Iran: Lies coming home to roost, post-modern theories about truth and media control found wanting. The lie that a “mechanical error” brought down the airliner was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“You Killed Our Geniuses” – Regime Crackdown Intensifies As Iranians Flood Streets In Third Day Of Protest. By Tyler Durden.

Despite an aggressive crackdown by the Iranian regime that reportedly included soldiers and riot police firing into crowds of civilians — in open defiance of President Trump’s warning to Tehran not to “kill your protesters” — anti-government protests over Iran’s mistaken shoot-down of UIA Flight 752 continued on Monday for a third straight day, following the regime’s admission of responsibility on Saturday.

During the protests, which erupted out of anger over the regime’s initial lies about Flight 752 (it initially insisted that a “mechanical error” was responsible despite video evidence suggesting a missile strike), Iranian security forces fired both live ammunition and tear gas into crowds of angry demonstrators. …

Shouts of “Death to the dictator” could be heard in footage circulating on social media. It showed protesters shouting, directing their fury at Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the system of clerical rule.

They killed our geniuses and replaced them with clerics,” demonstrators chanted at a one protest outside a university on Monday, a reference to the dozens of Iranian students who were returning to school in Canada who were aboard the flight. …

In one of the more dramatic protests, students at Tehran University reportedly shouted on Saturday that “They are lying that our enemy is America! Our enemy is right here!

Lion of the Blogosphere:

On the topic of pointing fingers about the passenger jet, it’s ironic that American media blames Trump, while no one in Iran is blaming Trump; not the Iranian government, and not the various segments of the Iranian people. Once again, U.S. media is truly the enemy of the people.

Venezuela Mourns Soleimani, by John Hinderaker.

For many years, people have commented on the seemingly-incongruous alliance between radical Muslims and Communists. In fact, however, there is no mystery: both are hostile to the values of advanced Western civilization and yearn for tyrannies that are not, in practice, particularly different from one another. Thus, while millions of Iranians are celebrating the demise of terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani, we shouldn’t be surprised that Venezuela’s Maduro regime is officially mourning him.

Left to right: Hugo Chavez, Simon Bolivar, Soleimani, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The translation is: “Faces, times and countries change, but the goal is the same.” Right on, collectivists!