Trump wows the crowd at Toledo rally — and takes no prisoners

Trump wows the crowd at Toledo rally — and takes no prisoners, by Andrea Widburg.

People in Toledo started lining up by the thousands to see President Trump’s latest rally.  Their wait paid off, for whether they were inside the Huntington Center or outside watching on a big screen, Trump was in top form, speaking about his myriad accomplishments; savaging his opponents, whether in the media or in Congress; and using the usual half-boastful, half-deprecating jokes that the Left doesn’t understand but that conservatives adore. …

As is typical for Trump, his speech had a jackrabbit quality, as he briefly touched bases with the TelePrompter and then instantly went off on free-form riffs.

While this practice can be irritating to the unenlightened, it’s one of the things that keeps Trump’s speeches from ever being boring. Not only does he have a comic’s timing, but his speeches never fall into a predictable rhythm that leads people to tune him out. With President Trump, you’ve got to stay alert to keep up. …

Huge contrast with Democratic contenders over pandering to identity groups:

One of the things that was striking about Trump’s speech was that he never broke America down into groups. Aside from boasting about the historic employment figures for Blacks and Hispanics, Trump spoke about Americans and America.

This stands in stark contrast to any speech any of the Democrat candidates give. Those speeches are micro-targeted to specific identity groups: blacks, gays, transgenders, women, Hispanics, tennis players, coffee servers, illegal aliens, and electric car drivers. Just last month, Elizabeth Warren announced in all seriousness that when she is president she will set aside one day a year to read out loud in the Rose Garden the name of all transgender people who had been murdered that year. Nobody should be murdered, but pandering to microdemographics is not the job of the President of the United States of America.

Each Democrat candidate wants to be the president for special interest groups and the foreign nations whose admiration they crave. However, Trump showed tonight, just as he always does, that he is America’s president.