Western Australia’s Murdoch University attempts to bankrupt whistleblower

Western Australia’s Murdoch University attempts to bankrupt whistleblower. By Peter Ridd.

Whistleblower mathematics professor Gerd Schroder-Turk, and his young family, must be wondering if they will be pushed into bankruptcy by his employer, Murdoch University. His crime was to expose on the ABC’s Four Corners program alleged corruption at Murdoch University’s enrolment section. According to Schroder-Turk, Murdoch was letting in students with inadequate skills in the chase for cash.

Soon to be broke

Murdoch University has ignored universal adverse media reaction against it. Condemnation by the union, staff, students, and a huge public petition have made no difference. It is continuing its legal action against Schroder-Turk, claiming he has affected its reputation and profitability. Schroder-Turk could lose everything he owns.

Murdoch’s legal action is not about retrieving lost earnings. I am guessing that Schroder-Turk’s entire wealth would be less than vice-chancellor Eeva Leinonen’s overly generous yearly salary. It would certainly be less than a day of the university’s operational cost.

This court action is about power. It is the university sending a message to the academic staff — “speak out and we will destroy you”.

It does not matter about the truth. It does not matter if Murdoch was acting disgracefully.

A frightened academia is a compliant academia. Just the way a modern university administration likes it.

Aren’t modern universities so compassionate, virtuous, and wise? Awesome. Run by lefties, I hear. Maybe we could privatize the lot of them, save taxpayers a bundle. At this point, they are so far gone what else can we do?

The author, Peter Ridd, was sacked by his university a couple of years ago by pointing out facts about the Great Barrier Reef that violated his employer’s ideological preferences.