How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

How Stupid Do They Think We Are? By William Marshall.

These days … an unquestioning Deep State Media are only too happy to label anyone who points out the absurdities of the supposed coincidences as “conspiracy theorists,” having long ago abandoned journalistic inquisitiveness for allegiance to a political ideology.

The circumstances of Epstein’s supposed “suicide” are so outrageously questionable that any sentient person looking at the facts would have to have undergone a lobotomy not to conclude that a giant scam and cover-up occurred in relation to his death. But Epstein’s ability to expose rich and powerful liberals like Mr. Clinton, Prince Andrew and who knows how many others in his web of sexual perversion meant that the Bat Signal had to go out to Deep State Media members everywhere that no discussion of the possible murder of Epstein could be tolerated. …

Here you have the most high-profile criminal defendant in the United States, who had explosively damaging information on sexual predations involving perhaps scores or hundreds of the world’s most elite and powerful occurring aboard Epstein’s private 727 jet dubbed “The Lolita Express,” at his Caribbean estate wags nicknamed “Orgy Island,” at his sprawling New Mexico would-be baby farm, and at his Manhattan manse.

He finally ends up in jail at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in the custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons. He then supposedly attempted to kill myself but survived, yet was taken off suicide watch after only six days. Then lo and behold, both guards assigned to check on him fell asleep — simultaneously — and missed their rounds, both cameras trained on the area around Epstein’s cell failed, simultaneously, and the night before his death, Epstein’s one cellmate inexplicably was removed from the cell.

After his body was found on August 10, 2019, an autopsy performed by the city’s Chief Medical Examiner’s office determined the cause of death to be suicide after only five days, even before all of the evidence has been collected. Famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who attended the autopsy at the behest of Epstein’s brother, gave a must-see interview to Fox News. He noted that the three bones fractured in Epstein’s neck were indicative of homicide, not suicide. Baden said that Epstein’s neck “had been crushed.” It was not the result of a ligature (like a noose made from bedsheets), as was claimed. He noted the scene of the death appeared staged to suggest suicide.

Yet, the Deep State Media pushed the suicide narrative nonetheless, pooh-poohing anyone who suggested otherwise. They attacked the esteemed Dr. Baden for questioning the Epstein autopsy, with New York Magazine describing him as having “demi-celebrity status” and being fond of “self-aggrandizement.” Never mind the fact pattern he points to that is wildly divergent from a “suicide” determination. But this is our corporatist media today. Accept the Deep State narrative and move on. …

What can you say?

There’s a reason the phrase … “Epstein didn’t kill himself” being tacked onto otherwise disconnected topics by people making public statements became a hilarious meme for a while. At the core of all good humor is an unspoken truth. It was a populist way of saying, “We’re not buying what you fake news media types are selling anymore.”


UPDATE: Rasmussen Poll: Just 21% of Americans Think Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself, 52% think we was murdered