Ignorant Greenies Cause Catastrophes

Ignorant Greenies Cause Catastrophes.

There are an awful lot of green-leaning members of the bureaucracy, media, and academia furiously back pedaling at the moment, trying to convince us that climate change is the culprit. Led by the ABC, the ALP, and the Greens.

These people are fighting for their credibility, and also to avoid the blame for the bushfire catastrophe. It is their policies — against the advice of innumerable experts and all past royal commissions and inquiries — that allowed fuel loads to build up. This is culpable negligence.

Speaking of the ABC, a reader emails:

An interesting quote from a member of the press that I just heard. He does some work for the Chinese, but has also worked for the ABC.

“I have more press freedom working for the Chinese than I did working for the ABC, I can criticise anything and anyone except Xi Jinping. With the ABC you have to tow the party line all the time.”

hat-tip Stephen Harper