Calls for Better Forest Management

Calls for Better Forest Management, by Rachel Blaxendale.

The Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has highlighted long-running calls from Gippsland locals for better forest management, including more hazard reduction burns. …

The Veterans Affairs Minister made the following points in a Facebook post:

1. These fires started on PUBLIC land and have impacted lives and PRIVATE property across our entire region, causing major social, economic and environmental losses.

2. The locals have campaigned for better forest management, including more hazard reduction burns and better protection of communities for decades.

3. Progressive cuts to the timber industry and grazing have locked up more forests (which have then been subjected to the same under resourced neglect by the state government) and diminished our local workforce capacity to respond to fires.

4. Finally, the recovery is going to take several years and require a massive amount of state and federal funding. Once the cameras are gone, I’m going to make sure the politicians who have visited in this disaster, actually put their money where their mouths are and support our region’s redevelopment. They don’t get to turn up for a photo opportunity and then forget about us.