Wokescolds Return to ‘Fake News’ Smear Against Hilarious Satire Site

Wokescolds Return to ‘Fake News’ Smear Against Hilarious Satire Site, by Megan Fox.

[This article from the Babylon Bee] has more social media engagement than The New York Times and CNN get in a week on their most popular articles. This has sent the left into a tailspin of hysteria with blue-checked Twitter scolds screeching about “fake news” and “election tampering.”

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know what The Babylon Bee is. And if occasionally someone falls for the joke, it doesn’t take long for someone else to pop in and explain it’s satire.

The left doesn’t know what “fake news” is because they continually claim it comes from well-known satire sites. Actual “fake news,” like what they do on CNN, is truly damaging to our republic. The peddlers of fake news take some facts and combine them with lies and then broadcast them as if they are true under legitimate news organization logos, not satire sites.

CNN’s most famous example of a fake news story was when it reported that Donald Trump praised “white supremacists” as “fine people” at the Charlottesville riots. He did no such thing, and in fact condemned them many times, but the fake story persisted because it was the narrative the news media wanted to tell, truth be damned. Fake news is not satire like The Onion, or the even more popular and hilarious Babylon Bee. Fake news is lying to people intentionally to sway opinion and wrapping it up in what looks like legitimate news packaging and serving it to viewers who think they are watching objective news sources.

It’s weird that none of these people are ever concerned about The Onion. Is it because it leans left or because it’s not funny or popular anymore? (Note the 763 people talking about this stinker of a joke.)

“Wokescold”. Love it. So accurate.