The Pure Evil of Vegetarianism

The Pure Evil of Vegetarianism, by David Archibald, who goes onto the attack against vegetarianism.

In the long run, the global warmers will be doing ‘bait and switch.’ Carbon as the hate object will be substituted with vegetarianism as the way to save the planet. They started talking about the need to remove meat from our diet years ago. But recently the messaging has become more insistent, unhinged, and disturbing.

He quotes a nutritional expert, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, the author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome:

I have a few families where parents were dedicated vegetarians and wanted their children to be vegetarians as well. … What these parents need to know is some statistics:

  1. Vegetarian children are more prone to health problems than children who eat meat, particularly to psychomotor impairment and diseases of the blood.
  2. Vegetarians are more prone to muscle loss and bone damage. They, on average, have lower muscle strength.
  3. According to census data vegetarians die younger than people who eat meat.

From my clinical observations I have yet to meet a healthy vegetarian. In the process of evolution we humans evolved to be omnivores, eating everything we can find in the environment: plants, eggs and meats. Our physiology is designed to work on these foods. To be healthy and full of energy we require a substantial amount of protein every day. …

David again:

Animals that eat plants have very long digestive systems with several stomachs full of special plant-breaking bacteria. The human digestive system is like that of lions and tigers in being fairly short with only one stomach, with virtually no bacteria in it. In fact our human stomach is designed to produce acid and pepsin which breaks down proteins into smaller peptides. These can only break down meat, fish and eggs.

In the spectrum of mental illnesses, vegetarianism is not as bad as gender dysphoria (with its 50% suicide rate), but that’s not much comfort.

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