Trump Fan Opens ‘MAGA Store’ in Michigan

Trump Fan Opens ‘MAGA Store’ in Michigan, by Amy Fur.

A man in Plainfield Township, Michigan, recently opened a store to sell Trump-themed merchandise to his community.

Gary Middleton opened the MAGA Store two weeks before Christmas and said that since then, business has been nonstop, according to

“Business is awesome,” he commented. “I didn’t expect this sort of response so quickly.” …

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It really has been,” he told Fox 17.

“A lot of great people come in and talk, tell their stories, we’ve had people come as far as Indiana. They love it, they are glad that somebody has the courage I guess we should say to open up a store like that.”

There were never any Democrat stores for Obama, Clinton, etc. They have the media on side, so there is no niche to fill.