The Truth On Asylum And Immigratio

The Truth On Asylum And Immigration, by Karl Denninger.

[The US] so-called “stock market miracle”, including specifically firms such as Apple, Nike and others, exist only because we took basically all of the jobs that could be done by people with IQs below 100 and exported them where the labor was cheaper.

This is why NAFTA was signed — to allow making trucks that sell for $50,000 in the US in Mexico, where labor was $3/hour. Mexico’s population has an average IQ about 10 points below that of America.

You don’t need a high IQ to assemble a car coming down a line so if you can hire someone to do that job for $3/hour in Mexico but it would cost $25+/hour here in America, the choice is obvious. The labor cost disparity is so great that the cost of shipping the parts to Mexico and the truck back to America is far less than the labor cost difference.

Oh by the way, if you wish to try to tell me that the 89 IQ (average) Mexican can screw together a car as well as can the 100 IQ German, well, no he can’t. Proof of this is found in the VW TDI Jettas from the early 2000s; the sedans were all assembled in Mexico while the wagons were all assembled in Wolfsburg. The vehicles are otherwise identical. 10+ years later nearly all of the wagons that hadn’t been wrecked were still running perfectly well and everything worked in them. My daughter now owns the one I bought straight off the boat — it has well north of 200,000 miles on it and — surprise — is still running well. The Mexican-assembled cars, despite having the same parts in them, have had myriad electrical and mechanical problems. Do the automakers [care]? No, since the vehicle will get out of warranty before it goes to crap, at which point they stop caring. Therefore the $3/hr Mexican Labor is “acceptable” even though it is materially inferior.

Mercedes being built in Austria, 2009

There are some vehicle plants remaining in the United States. But most of the manufacturing jobs that used to be here, including essentially all of them related to textile and clothing production, were offshored.

Can you manage to run a Starbucks coffee machine and the register with an IQ of 90? Yes. But can you do so competently with an IQ of 75? No. …

There are very close to zero jobs in the American economy today that are suitable for persons with an IQ under 85. That’s by choice — we have enabled and in fact empowered through tax and regulatory policy the offshoring of virtually all such lower-wage and ability jobs, leaving only those that cannot be offshored (such as picking strawberries). …

The US military has learned from bitter experience not to enlist people with IQs below 85. This excludes about 16% of the white population, but half of the black population.

Japan does not allow much if any immigration for this reason; their average IQ is 105 and there are only three nations on the planet with higher average scores — South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. …

[The Japanese] recognize that intellectual firepower is an essential thing, and to allow those who are less-able to compete intellectually into their nation not only leads to a likely public charge problem it directly harms the nation’s competitiveness on the world stage.

Painful truths so resolutely denied by the PC crowd.