Climate Change to make Boxing Day cricket extinct. ABC and Monash make history extinct.

Climate Change to make Boxing Day cricket extinct. ABC and Monash make history extinct. By Joanne Nova.

It’s a taxpayer funded bonfire: The billion dollar ABC does cut-n-paste “journalism” from the largely taxpayer funded Monash Uni, which wrote a one-sided, badly researched piece as advertising for The Australian Conservation Foundation. Not only have Australians played cricket in 42 degree heat a thousand times before, but on days when the sun was obscured by smoke from bushfires. It’s all easy to find history from 150 years ago recorded on official sites and searchable for anyone with “the internet”.

No hard questions asked — the only question that matters is “how does this help Big Government?”

Extreme heat due to climate change could send cricket’s Boxing Day Test into extinction, researchers say. By Richard Willingham and Joseph Dunstan, ABC, News

The Boxing Day Test may need to be moved to November or March in the future to avoid extreme heat, which is a danger to players and cricket fans, a new report has suggested. …

Two minutes of actual research that the ABC didn’t do:

Over 150 years ago people played cricket in Melbourne at 42C and in partial darkness due to smoke from bushfires. Here’s a man in 1912 remembering a match he went to as a child Jan 14th 1862. It may have been even hotter than that. The BOM offical records say it was 44C. But hey, it’s not like we pay the ABC to phone the BOM and ask them…

Then there was the time players had to abandon cricket due to heat, when it was 45C in Albury in 1939 and the town ran out of ice. Forget the hype, “conditions were not the best, and the “players generally stood manfully up to the heat” — unlike modern snowflakes at Monash Uni and millenials at the ABC.