Kylie Minogue stars in 2019 Tourism Australia ad aimed at Brits

Kylie Minogue stars in 2019 Tourism Australia ad aimed at Brits. This ad’s a winner. Someone must have spent a stack on this. Check it out.

Brexit’s coming. Time to renew those trade and cultural links that were severed in 1973. That’s when Britain turned its back on the Commonwealth and joined the common market instead, relegating Australian and New Zealand from blood relatives to have to stand in the slow foreigners line at British immigration, bypassed by Europeans in the fast lane.

And why is this ad so much better than the recent lame attempts produced by government money?


Manages to poke fun at some PC ideas. Doesn’t bother to try to attract people to our wineries/resturants/opera but goes straight for beaches, quokkas and cricket. They are aiming at the Neighbours audience.

I would expect this would increase immigration figures from the UK too.

And what do our PC friends at the Guardian think?

Dreary misinformed power-seeking ideologues. That bottom photo is not climate change, but what happens when you let Greens have too much influence on environmental policy and neglect to burn off. The Aboriginals knew how to manage our landscape, white Australians learned, but the Greens came along and knew better — what a mess.