Boris Johnson and Donald Trump Have Made Christmas Great Again

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump Have Made Christmas Great Again, by James Delingpole.

This Christmas, spare a thought for those less fortunate than you. I’m thinking, especially, of all those losing losers who have been driven to apoplexy by the Conservatives’ massive victory in the UK general election. …

Whenever I speak to ordinary, non-political people about Boris, the reaction is always the same: they grin. He can be a bit naughty, they think, and maybe not every one of his promises is to be taken literally. But they’re prepared to go along with him because he’s a jaunty, charming cove they can relate to because they can imagine themselves having a drink with him and enjoying a bit of banter, just like we all used to be able to do when Britain was a free country.

Boris Johnson feels like the Restoration of Charles II after far, far too long under the grim, Christmas-banning Puritans. …

We felt this, very much, at a Libertarian Drinks we had in Worcester before Christmas …

It was an extraordinary, varied crowd which included a vicar, a gas salesman, a soldier, a philosophy professor, a graphic designer, a retired nuts and bolts manufacturer, a council’s financial officer. What we all had in common was that for years we’ve lived in trepidation of the kind of bitter, aggressive, priggish, self-righteous, bullying Social Justice Warriors

We don’t fear these people as individuals — why would you? They’re jumped up nobodies with delusions of adequacy — but we’re very much wary of the collective power they’ve accumulated in the last decade or so. They operate in a world where it is all too easy to destroy someone’s career, deprive them of their livelihood, ruin the reputation on the flimsiest of pretexts: you only have to consider, for example, how Nobel-prizewinner Tim Hunt was monstered and destroyed purely because a grievance-seeking, leftist activist had chosen to misunderstand a joke he made at a conference.

But at this years’ Libertarian Drinks there was a sense that the tide is turning, that we’re starting to get our country back from the small but highly influential minority of leftists who have held it hostage.

They called us ‘far-right’, ‘racist’, ‘alt-right’, ‘gammon’, and ‘Nazi’. They said that we’re stupid because we didn’t all read gender-studies and environmental sciences at university. They accused us of hating women, ethnic minorities, the disabled, gay people, transsexuals. They tried — and largely succeeded — to make us tread on eggshells every time we opened our mouths for fear that we might commit some microaggression that might get us cancelled.

And now it turns out that we needn’t have worried after all because we’re the normal people and they are the freaks.