Pro-LGBT JK Rowling not backing down after offending trans activists

Pro-LGBT JK Rowling not backing down after offending trans activists, by Calvin Freiburger.

Maya Forstater was a visiting fellow at the London-based economic think tank Centre for Global Development (CGD), which declined to renew her contract in March over tweets in which she declared that “men cannot change into women,” and that government should not recognize self-identifications to the contrary. Her tweets were determined to contain “offensive and exclusionary language,” with an employment judge recently rejecting her appeal of the case.

See It is now illegal to say that a biological man is not a woman.

On December 19, Rowling tweeted in defense of Forstater:

Rowling was cancelled for asserting that woman are women, a simple biological truth with the age-old meaning of the word “woman.” Ironically for a fantasy writer, JK is reminded by the left that reality must bow to fantasy in the real world:

Her remarks were met with intense condemnation from the pro-LGBT lobby and its allies, from countless angry Twitter replies to condemnatory articles in major publications. …

At Vox, Aja Romano lamented that Rowling’s “transphobic BS” has “ruined Harry Potter” just in time for Christmas with her “shocking dismissal of transgender identity.” …

So far, Rowling has yet to retract or apologize for her comments. …

Despite finding herself aligned with conservatives and traditionalists on this particular issue, Rowling is a doctrinaire liberal who in the past has made clear her support for abortion and homosexuality and disapproval of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Competitive virtue signalling and the incessant movement of the goalposts — to PC fantasyland and beyond!– inevitably means that more and more or us are cast to the outside.

Will Rowling now be red-pilled by this incident? She has lost approval from the mob, so she has little more to lose by saying what she really believes. However, given her interest in book sales to both sides of the culture war, I predict she’ll just shut up — though that hasn’t stopped her offending non-PC customers before. Let’s see.