Hottest ever day in Australia — especially if you ignore history

Hottest ever day in Australia — especially if you ignore history. By Joanne Nova.

Tuesday was Australia’s hottest day on record, sayth the Bureau of Meteorology.

And perhaps it was. But look at the temperatures reported in newspapers across the country during the month of January in 1896 when people were going mad with axes, dropping dead in coaches and railway stations and birds were falling lifeless from the trees? Emergency trains were ferrying people from the country to the mountains. Panic stricken people fled the outback on special trains and the death toll was in the hundreds.

Fifty years later scientists would publish papers talking about how Australian summers had cooled since then.

How does the BOM know for sure that it was not hotter on any one of these days?  Perhaps they don’t. Wouldn’t it be more honest of the BOM to mention that? It’s not like billions of dollars depends upon it…

Seems the only time the ABC or BOM suddenly discover our historic weather records is when we get unseasonal snow or freezing cold.

The BOM will say things were not entirely standardized or approved back then. But why would they care? Many of the BOM’s current sites fail their own standards:  thermometers may sit for 30 years over bitumen, or right next to incinerators. They plough around sites, move them, build walls next to them and forget, even next to their own offices. The BOM accept one-second records from new electronic gizmo’s in small screens, and adjust old temperatures down by as much as two whole degrees. Sometimes modern BOM sites need mysterious calendar monthly corrections, or get corrected by thermometers across the Bass Strait, and sometimes they are incredibly detailed but repeat robotically year after year. …

The BOM can hardly be precious about scientific standards 130 years ago when they have so few themselves today.

And let’s not forget that in 1896 thermometers were nearly a 200 year old technology. There was not much in the way of urban heat island effects — no airports, no five lane super highways, small populations, and some of these temperatures come from trained expert observatories. And let’s not forget either, as we just discovered, that there’s been no change in Very Hot Days in Australia since World War I (at least until the BOM adjusted them).

There follow tens of links to newspaper articles from 1896 listing hotter days than occurred this week, e.g.

Mullewa W.A. 3 Jan 1896 – 121° F “The town has been enveloped in clouds of dust.”and “crowds of people have bad to sleep out of doors. Water is very scarce.”

Those who control the past, control the present.

Read the whole post, it’s gone viral in Australia.

There’s been a major propaganda change over the last two years around the world, as the warmists turn up the heat and ask for more power and money.