Democrats may have blown themselves out of the water

Democrats may have blown themselves out of the water, by Cameron Stewart.

Trump describes impeachment as a “a political suicide march for the Democratic Party”.

He is convinced it will galvanise his support base and possibly even enlarge it, delivering him a second term in the White House.

In the afterglow of the impeachment vote, Democrats also seemed pleased with themselves. …

The other two impeached presidents, Bill Clinton (1998) and Andrew Johnson (1868), were impeached in their second terms and neither went on to fight another election.

Trump will be the first impeached US president to stand for re-election and face the judgment of voters at the ballot box. …

The other key difference between the Trump and Clinton impeachments is that US politics is more deeply divided today than it was 21 years ago during the Clinton trial.

For example, nowhere in the endless line of short speeches during the impeachment debate did a Democrat ask the sensible question of whether Trump’s actions merited impeachment.

Similarly, no Republican chose to express any misgivings about the President’s behaviour.

Trump also has been masterful in keeping Republicans onside during the process. He is the first president to be impeached without losing a single vote from his own party. …

Clinton’s impeachment by Republicans backfired on the party because at the end of the day most Americans did not believe that lying under oath about sex was an impeachable offence.

Republicans lost seats at the 1998 mid-term elections and Clinton left office with a 73 per cent approval rating, one of the highest of any president.

The polls haven’t moved either way yet on the impeachment.

Hey, if Trump wins reelection, they will be able to impeach him again! First president to be impeached twice! Thrice!