Tories, Coalition, Trump have better feel for public mood

Tories, Coalition, Trump have better feel for public mood, by Paul Kelly.

The parties of the left have blown their brains out by squandering the public anger towards ­financial elites, compressed living standards and the alienation of working people who feel frustrated or betrayed — an ideal framing for left election victories.

The left misread the times. Its world-historic failures have created the current opening for radical conservatives. Hillary Clinton and Bill Shorten expected to win; many of Corbyn’s backers believed he might pull off victory.

Fooled by its media echo chamber, where the left’s PC fantasies go unchallenged, the left misread everything:

The left became consumed by ideological arrogance. It listened to its true believers and the liberal media. It was misled by the post-global financial crisis decade from 2009 and the support it enjoyed from academic, media and cultural elites convinced the time had come for social transformation.

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison mobilised people power in launching savage campaigns against their opponents from the left — and their success in each case was built upon the left’s extremism.

The left made two specific mistakes — it misread culture and it misread class. It embraced contemporary progressivism in its assault on traditional values and patriotic norms while its quest for individual self-expression spilling into gender, race and queer ideology only alienated the mainstream.

Its class campaigns were crude, old-fashioned and tired revamps of big tax, big spending and big disruption as though society hadn’t changed fundamentally in the past several decades. Consider the almost inconceivable consequences — Clinton lost to Trump, the British Labour Party has lost four elections in a decade and the ALP has lost three elections in six years against a mostly divided Coalition.

The new mood:

The lesson here is the power of ­resurgent nationalism. …

The lesson is that nationalism retains its power into the 21st century because people link individual self-interest with national self-interest. This is the golden bridge to conservatism’s revival. Its power lies in its validity: individual destiny is chained to ­national destiny. …

Morrison has seized the nationalism position at home. He will play this card throughout the term knowing Labor’s equivocation will be exposed at some point because its progressive wing, dominant in the rank and file, believes Australian nationalism is founded in ­racism, sexism and patriarchy and wants to pull it down from Australia Day to border protection to ­national interest climate change targets.

Let me sum it up in one word: immigration. And maybe two more: family and kin.

The left’s anti-white racism and mass immigration from the third world is not popular among … whites! I know, hard to believe.

The left has gone too far, and is wrecking our countries.