The Suicide Cult

The Suicide Cult, by the Z-Man.

Like America, anti-racism has become a religion in England. It is the thing the ruling class worries about the most, with regards to maintaining order.

Crime is of no interest to them, as evidenced by the tolerance of Muslim rape gangs. Instead, they busy themselves making sure the natives do not upset the newcomers that flood into the country by the thousands. Manchester was entirely white a few generations ago, but today it is 65% white and headed the same way as London.

This new religion that originated in America and spread to the rest of the empire over the last few generations is really an anti-religion. There is nothing positive or optimistic about it. It is mostly a decoration for a deep hatred of normal white people.

Criminal offense against the new religion

We see this in the prosecution of white people for the crime of being white. A law school student has been expelled for posting bulletins that read, ‘It Is OK To Be White.” He was investigated by the FBI, before being expelled from school.

Just in case the point is not obvious, if it is not okay to post flyers that say “it is okay to be white”, but you can post flyers about other matters, then the issue is not the posting of flyers. It is the content of the flyers. The people running the school, like the people running the West, are saying it is not okay to be white. Whiteness, as they like to put it, is a crime against the future.

Throwing blasphemers in dungeons is what theocracies do and that’s what we see all over the West, particularly the English-speaking countries. England, like America, is a theocracy now. It’s not a religion built around a god or gods. It is not a collection of beliefs about our moral purpose or how best to gain salvation. It is a religion built around the hatred of white people largely by white people. It’s not just white self-hatred, obviously, but that is certainly a major component.

Maybe this is the natural end of Enlightenment ideas. Maybe this is the end result of liberal democracy. Perhaps this is what happens when a people are subverted from within by people blue in the face over old grievances. While interesting to ponder, what matters is the West is now a suicide cult. The people in charge are slowly, inexorably leading the people into mass suicide. It’s not going to be a dramatic denouement, just a slow shuffling of one white blasphemer after another into the dungeon.