The Jeremy Corbyn train wreck of off-the-page nuts

The Jeremy Corbyn train wreck of off-the-page nuts, By Jack the Insider.

One delicious quote sent to me by a friend in the wake of Corbyn’s crushing defeat sums up Labour’s woes and highlights the dilemma faced by all progressive parties in western democracies.

The provenance of the quote goes back some years to the Brexit referendum. It ran in Tim Shipman’s study of the politics of Brexit, “All Out War” and how leavers outplayed the hapless remain campaign so utterly, so comprehensively.

But the comment could easily have been made this morning just before lunchtime.

There are always going to be 500,000 people in the country who are off-the-page nuts. The problem we’ve got is that they have all joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn.”

The quote is a masterpiece of political analysis in two sentences. …

The anonymous Labour MP went on.

It slowly dawned on us that the man’s insane and the people around him are too.” …

UK Labour leaders, since Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservatives:

James Callaghan lost, Michael Foot lost, Neil Kinnock lost (twice), John Smith died in office, Tony Blair won (three times), Gordon Brown lost, Ed Miliband lost and now Corbyn has lost again.

The twisted history of the Corbynites now portrays Blair as the failure among this group because he is perceived perhaps more now than ever as a ‘Red Tory’, a pejorative used on social media as a brutal rejoinder in the election campaign to attack Labor’s centrists who had the temerity to wonder out loud what the hell had happened to their party.

Great quote.

Seriously, a working democracy needs two sensible parties, so there is an alternative. We wish the UK Labour Party a speedy return to reality.