Pauline Hanson wants to honour men

Pauline Hanson wants to honour men. This Australian politician is reliably non-PC.

“It is more often that we uplift women …”

That’s the main part of how the left runs its anti-male campaign. Same trick as its anti-white campaign — just uplift and celebrate all the others. We get the picture. Discrimination and bias, barely hidden, with just the slightest plausible deniability.

“Men are widely regarded as toxic”

Nowadays, when it comes to men, the left just come right out and say it. But only in the PC media, which unfortunately includes nearly all the media. And in academia. And the bureaucracy that runs the place. And the education system.

“I’m sick and tired of this constant criticism of men in Australia, especially if they’re white.”

Yep. Another leftist bigotry, rapidly being stepped up.

Contrast this with who the ABC — the mothership of PC in Australia — recently invited onto their premier political show, to speak uninterrupted: